Luna DNA Gets $4M Funding

Luna DNA, the first community-owned genomic and medical research database, today announced financing from key investors Illumina Ventures and Arch Venture Partners.¬†Additional investors include UK-based Bridgelink Capital; Seattle-based Hemisphere Ventures; and Dr. Aristides Patrinos, a former leader of the Human Genome Project and current advisor to Luna DNA. The funds will be used to support the next phase in creating Luna DNA’s genomic and medical research platform and enlisting data contributors.


Luna is a community owned database that rewards individuals shares in the database for contributing their DNA and other medical information. Shares entitle members to a share in the profits from medical research and discoveries. The proceeds flow back to the community like dividends as researchers pay to access the data for discovery. The Luna team combines a deep background in medicine, DNA sequencing, big data, and large scale Internet communities.

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